Connect Tricentis Tosca with the rest of your software development tools

When your software engineering teams use Agile methods, requirements created by business analysts, or user stories created by developers, must flow easily to QA team. This ensures that tests are written directly against these requirements or stories. Similarly, any failed tests must flow back to the developers, so bugs can be quickly remedied.

Tasktop meets this need by integrating Tosca Test Suite with the tools that business analysts, software developers, scrum masters, testers, and other team members use every day. By synchronizing artifacts across everyone's tool of choice, Tasktop enhances Tosca's tools for collaboration.

  • Synchronizes artifacts across the lifecycle, allowing information to flow freely between Tosca and Micro Focus ALM (HPE ALM), Jira, Polarian and many others
  • Support cross-tool traceability and reporting, particularly between requirements and defects -  removing the need for manual processes and spreadsheets
  • Synchronizes requirements from RM tools or user stories from Agile tools to Tosca requirements
  • Synchronizes failed tests from Tosca to defects in Agile tools
  • Allows for automatic reporting of defects found during test execution from QA to development


Supported Versions

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