Targetprocess Integration

Targetprocess offers a holistic approach to application lifecycle management (ALM) and project portfolio management (PPM), and eliminates the need for transferring and standardizing data between different management solutions and spreadsheets. When use of a third-party tool is required or preferred by teams, Tasktop enables seamless and bidirectional integration in order to synchronize artifacts between the multiple tools and infrastructures.

Visibility is key in Targetprocess. POs and PMOs conducting planning from a high level can drill down to get details from an operational level. This traceability encourages accountability and transparency across teams and departments. Tasktop can help to maintain this transparency by keeping all teams on the same page, even if they’re using different tools.

  • Integrate Targetprocess with JIRA, TFS, CA Agile Central, RTC, CA PPM and many more
  • Use Tasktop to keep all teams on the same page, even if they’re working from different tools
  • Use Targetprocess to visualize incoming data and act as a central point of truth for your projects or project portfolio
  • Eliminates the need to manually create or update work items in other systems or in the Targetprocess boards
  • Synchronizes artifacts across the lifecycle allowing free flow of information between Targetprocess and other tools


Supported Versions

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Tasktop Integration Hub
Tasktop Sync


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