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Integrate Sparx EA with Jama, DOORS, DOORS NG, Serena Dimensions and many more




Models are a terrific way to communicate structure, behavior and interactions. Creating them during requirements elicitation, communicates concepts that can be very difficult to convey using text alone. However, requirements management tools provide functionality that is often necessary when building complex systems. By using Tasktop to integrate Sparx EA  with a requirements management tool, users can get the benefit of a visual modeling as well as the ability to use the governance, traceability and precision necessary in requirements management.

For example:

  • A business analyst performs the analysis and creates business process models in Sparx EA, refines the model into a set of requirements and creates traces among the requirements
  • Tasktop mirrors those requirements (and their relationships) into a requirements management tool such as Jama or DOORS
  • Either another BA, or the same BA, uses the requirements management tool to continue to refine those requirements and to oversee their development
  • Tasktop mirrors those requirements into an Agile planning tool and a test management tool, enabling developers and testers the ability to work on those requirements in their tool of choice


Key Features and Benefits

  • Synchronizes requirements in Sparx EA to requirements management, Agile planning, test management and other tools, allowing information to flow freely. 

  • Improved collaboration by allowing business analysts to use the tool most appropriate for the job, while enabling developers, testers and other to receive work in their tool of choice

  • Enables traceability between models and requirements in Sparx EA, and requirements and other artifacts in other SDLC tools


Artifacts Supported

  • Requirement




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