SmartBear QAComplete Integration

Testers use SmartBear QAComplete for test management: they plan, execute, and report on their testing activities using QAComplete. Tasktop allows testers, developers, business analysts and other members of the software delivery team to work together fluidly. Each member of the team works in their tool of choice, but all stakeholders’ tools participate in one integrated software delivery value stream.


For example, business analysts may elicit requirements using a requirements management tool and developers may manage their backlog of defects in an Agile planning tool. Tasktop flows the requirements from the requirements tool to QAComplete and synchronizes the defects between QAComplete and the Agile planning tool.

  • Integrate SmartBear QAComplete with JIRA, CA Agile Central (Rally), TFS, ServiceNow, HPE QC and others
  • Improve team collaboration and effectiveness by connecting QAComplete to third-party tools and synchronizing artifacts across the software delivery lifecycle
  • Synchronize failed tests from QAComplete to defects in Agile tools
  • Enable cross-tool traceability and consolidated reporting by collecting activity data from QAComplete and other tools into a central data repository
  • Integrate DevOps and automated testing tools (like Selenium) with QAComplete, automatically creating defects in QAComplete when tests fail


Supported Versions

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Tasktop Integration Hub
Tasktop Sync



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