Tasktop Dev Integration for Serena Business Manager

Tasktop Dev for Serena Business Manager integrates Tasktop and Mylyn’s task-focused interface technology with SBM, resulting in improved developer productivity. Developers can access SBM from the comfort of their Eclipse or Visual Studio IDE and quickly view and update their tasks through the embedded SBM web UI. In addition, Tasktop Dev for SBM provides the ability to track context such as web pages and documents associated with each task and share that context with other developers who are also working on the same task.


  • Access SBM tasks from a personal Task list, allowing developers to schedule and prioritize work items in their own task list.
  • Connect SBM work items to code context, allowing social coding and context sharing.
  • Personalized query management. This allows developers to see the work items that are relevant to them. 

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  • Collect status and progress information from the IDE for accurate reporting in SBM
  • Integrated task management, allowing developers using multiple repositories to see all their work in one place.
  • Context sharing with other developers for faster issue resolution and better collaboration.

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