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PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager

PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager is an ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) platform that helps teams deliver higher quality, more innovative software and systems with less risk. Business analysts, architects, engineers, developers, quality managers, testers, and other stakeholders use PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager to collaborate and control the product development lifecycle.

Software delivery organizations whose developers use PTC Integrity often express the need to synchronize requirements from a requirements management tool into PTC Integrity, where the requirements can be broken down and worked on by developers. In addition, they often want to flow defects logged in PTC Integrity to the requirements management tool, so the product managers and business analysts have visibility on them.

With Tasktop Integration Hub, those integration patterns and many more are now available to PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager users.Tasktop synchronizes requirements and defects to and from PTC Integrity and the rest of the software delivery toolchain.

The following demo video demonstrates an integration between Jama, a requirements management tool, and PTC Integrity - used here by developers for Agile planning and defect tracking. This integration serves to improve collaboration between the product team and the developers, eliminate duplicate data entry between systems and improve product quality and traceability.


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