PivotalTracker Integration

Pivotal Tracker is great for managing projects through prioritization of the tasks at hand, estimating that work, understanding the team’s velocity and having shared expectations of what work will be delivered in well-defined timeframes. Integrating Pivotal Tracker with other tools can create a more connected lifecycle that enhances the effectiveness of Pivotal Tracker for your organization - need to elaborate on the benefit of integration a bit more


Tasktop allows you to integrate Pivotal Tracker with other tools for Agile planning, testing, test management, requirements management and service desk through high-fidelity, bi-directional artifact synchronization among these systems. When an artifact is created or modified in Pivotal Tracker, that change is immediately mirrored in other systems. And when they are created and modified in another system, that change is immediately reflected in Pivotal Tracker. Pivotal Tracker will always automatically reflect the most up-to-date project status, while other tools can be used as the system of record and engagement for their specialist activities.


Supported Versions

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Tasktop Integration Hub
Tasktop Sync

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