Mozilla Bugzilla Integration

To optimize the management of your software delivery process, you need to connect project management, development, QA and other disciplines. To meet this need, Tasktop provides instant data synchronization between Bugzilla and dozens of ALM systems. A Bugzilla integration with Tasktop ensures each stakeholder has access to the data they need within their primary tool – while providing visibility and comprehensive reporting from within Bugzilla. 

  • Synchronize artifacts across the lifecycle, allowing information to flow freely between Bugzilla and other tools.
  • Improve team collaboration by connecting Bugzilla to third party tools and allowing artifacts to be synchronized across the lifecycle.
  • Support cross-tool traceability and reporting, removing the need for manual processes and spreadsheets.


Supported Versions

Check out which repository versions are supported for each of our products:

Tasktop Integration Hub
Tasktop Sync


Watch Mozilla Bugzilla integration with ServiceNow Express, GitLab Issues



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