Mozilla Bugzilla Integration


To optimize the management of your software delivery process, you need to connect project management, development, QA and other disciplines. To meet this need, Tasktop provides instant data synchronization between Bugzilla and dozens of ALM systems. A Bugzilla integration with Tasktop ensures each stakeholder has access to the data they need within their primary tool – while providing visibility and comprehensive reporting from within Bugzilla. 


For Example:

  • When an individual (for instance, a tester) discovers a bug, they submit it to Bugzilla.
  • Tasktop enables the new bug and its metadata to flow to the development teams's agile management tool of choice.
  • The developers can then easily prioritize and plan this and other issues they receive - and with Tasktop's ability to facilitate data synchronization, communication can flow instantly between Bugzilla and the developers' agile tool.
  • When the issue is resolved and updated in the agile tool, the corresponding bug is updated and closed on Bugzilla.


Demo of Mozilla Bugzilla Integration with ServiceNow Express, GitLab Issues


Key Features & Benefits

  • Synchronizes artifacts across the lifecycle, allowing information to flow freely between Bugzilla and other tools.
  • Improves team collaboration by connecting Bugzilla to third party tools and allowing artifacts to be synchronized across the lifecycle.
  • Supports cross-tool traceability and reporting, removing the need for manual processes and spreadsheets.