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Integrate Microsoft Project Server (MSPS) with Jira, TFS, Rally/CA Agile Central, RTC, CA PPM and many more



When the entire IT team has standardized on Microsoft platforms and tools, the interoperability among these tools helps smooth the process. But part of the IT team may prefer to use other, non-Microsoft, tools for Agile planning, testing, requirements management, ITSM or any other aspect of software development and delivery.


In fact, some organizations may prefer to use a combination of Project Portfolio Management tools. They may use Microsoft Project Server for project management and more robust PPM product like CA PPM or HPE PPM for high-level portfolio and financial planning.


In these cases, the friction that occurs because of a lack of integration among these tools slows down delivery, introduces problems and reduces the ability for the project managers to have visibility across their projects.


By using Tasktop to integrate Microsoft Project Server with other software delivery tools, project managers and the rest of the project team will feel the benefits of automatically flowing information across the whole team.

For example, lets say the project managers are using Project Server and the developers are using Atlassian JIRA:

  • Project Managers schedule project work, and assign tasks and resources using Project Server
  • The tasks (and sub-tasks) can be automatically mirrored in JIRA as Stories and sub-tasks
  • When the developers update their status and effort on the tasks in Jira, this information is automatically synchronized back to Project Server 

The various ways Project Server can be integrated into your Software Lifecycle is limited only by your business requirements. For example, the scenario above may actually start with financial and portfolio planning in CA PPM.


  • The business initiatives developed by the PMO in CA PPM are synced to MSPS.
  • The project managers use Project Server for the day to day management of the projects and the development team executes their work in JIRA (as described above).


Tasktop flows information from tool to tool, allowing everyone to use the tool that’s best for their job.



Key Features and Benefits

  • Improved visibility into the overall status of projects by allowing collaboration between the Development team and the project managers and PMO.
  • Synchronizes artifacts across the lifecycle allowing free flow of information between Microsoft Project Server and other tools.
  • Enables centralized planning and control Improved cross-tool reporting, removing the need for manual processes and spreadsheets.
  • Implement a true Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) strategy across your portfolio, program and team levels


Artifacts Supported

  • Tasks


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