Micro Focus ALM/Quality Center

Testers and Testing Centers of Excellence rely on Micro Focus ALM/Quality Center to provide the infrastructure they need to execute their work. But when it comes time to collaborate with other members of the extended development team, the fact that other stakeholders rarely work in Micro Focus ALM can become an impediment. Tasktop enables the admin to define how defects, requirements, and test artifacts can be synchronized to artifacts in the tools that the rest of the project team uses.

  • Improve the way your teams collaborate across your entire product value stream.
  • Increase efficiency by flowing artifacts across all tools.
  • Integrate with Jira, Jama and many more.

Tasktop Hub is 4x faster to set up and 10x easier to maintain than any other integration solution.

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Micro Focus ALM/Quality Center Integration

Integrate Micro Focus ALM with Jira

Integrate Micro Focus ALM with Jira

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GE Aviation
BMW Group

“Thanks to Tasktop, we have become much more flexible in how we manage our toolchain. We know we can rely on Tasktop when we need quick integrations between our tools and with our clients’ systems.”

- Michael Zey, Head of IT Tooling Panasonic Automotive Systems Europe

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