Jira Salesforce Integration with Tasktop

Tasktop's Jira to Salesforce integration helps to maximize the productivity and improve collaboration between the Sales Managers and the Developers. The bi-directional synchronization of information between the tools automatically keeps both departments up to date with the status of all the individual initiatives being worked on. Often the case, a customer request will be communicated to the Sales team, the Jira to Salesforce integration will allow the Sales rep to document the request into Salesforce and the information will automatically sync with Jira. This reduces the need for status meetings and/or back and forth email communications. The information is logged in Salesforce and Jira allowing each team to stay on top of things without having to leave their tool of choice. Sales Managers can ensure their clients that progress is being made on their individual requests creating a much better customer experience and furthering the relationship between the sales and developer teams.

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