Integrating Jira with IBM DOORS

By integrating Jira with IBM DOORS you can bi-directionally sync information across both tools. For example, your team can create requirements in DOORS and the information would then automatically flow as epics into Jira. Unlike other integration solutions Tasktop uses model-based integration, rather than point to point integration, allowing you to scale quickly across multiple projects. This is because you don't need to map each field within DOORS with those in Jira. Instead you can map schema's in Jira, DOORS and any other supported tool to models so that you can flow information across more than just two tools. With this level of synchronization, information can flow across all the tools within your value stream. An obvious benefit is that no team is limited to one tool and all of your teams can use their tool of choice to function and deliver value for the organization. With the Jira to IBM DOORS integration in Tasktop, your teams will have a greater level of collaboration, spend less time wasted on manual entry and spend more time developing.

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