IBM Rational RequisitePro

Let your requirements from ReqPro flow

Integrates ReqPro with: JIRA, HP QC, Rally, VersionOne and many more

IBM Rational Requisite Pro 


Software delivery organizations must ensure that requirements from IBM Rational RequisitePro are integrated into the tools used by different stakeholders. Today, requirements are defined, reviewed, worked on and tested by various groups. This has led organizations to create complex workflows, processes, and documents, which can slow development and increase costs. Tasktop addresses this by allowing requirements to be synchronized from ReqPro to the rest of your software delivery tools. So you can flow requirements from one tool to another with no need for users to create reports, run extracts or attend meetings. Requirements are synchronized in real-time, stakeholders can review them in the context of their own tool, and everyone in the software delivery process is kept abreast of the latest comments or changes. 

For Example:

  • A business analyst or product manager creates requirements in IBM ReqPro

  • Tasktop flows those requirements to development and testing tools

  • The Agile development team uses those requirements to break down these requirements into user stories (Requirements Management – Agile Planning Alignment integration pattern) and to drive task planning for development activities.

  • The testers then use the requirements to drive the creation of test plans and test cases, which are linked to the original requirement.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Enables requirements from ReqPro to flow between the different tools used to deliver software.

  • Improve team collaboration by connecting ReqPro to third party tools and allow requirements to be synchronized across the lifecycle.

  • Provides traceability of requirements to test and development, removing the need for manual processes and spreadsheets.

  • Provides OSLC linking for requirements from ReqPro

  • Ensures that changes in ReqPro are instantly exposed to the software team

  • Ensures that requirements are up to date in all tools


Artifacts Supported

  • Requirement
  • Folder/Package


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