Micro Focus PPM Integration


Micro Focus PPM, formerly HPE PPM, is a comprehensive project and portfolio management tool that helps PMOs in large organizations prioritize and track their IT investments. These projects need to be communicated across the entire software delivery organization so that execution of delivery is on time and on budget. By flowing tasks from Micro Focus PPM to the engineering teams, the PMO (Project Management Office) can be assured that their vision is accurately communicated to the people who are working to make it a reality. This creates an integrated lifecycle that enables centralized governance while improving communication and collaboration.


Additionally, the PMO needs to stay up to date on costs and status of their projects. By using Tasktop, the PMO is able to pull information from their development teams and gain visibility into the state of an ongoing project. This allows the project and program managers access to vital information that allows them to make better-informed decisions about their investment choices. This information flow reduces the friction inherent in cross team communications.


With an integration strategy, your organization can even orchestrate a Scaled Agile Framework®(SAFe®) implementation across the portfolio, program and team levels. In short, by combining the high level oversight of Micro Focus PPM with the development-focused structure of Agile tools, you can successfully deliver challenging, highly complex software projects on time and on budget.


For example:

  • Project managers use Micro Focus PPM to organize and divide their projects and assign resources appropriately.
  • Tasks from Micro Focus PPM will flow automatically to your development tool of choice (e.g. Jira, IBM RTC, CA)
  • Developers are able to use their agile methodologies to break these tasks into smaller stories and then automatically communicate back the status of the original Micro Focus PPM task.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Improved visibility into the overall status of projects by allowing collaboration between the Development team and the PMO office.
  • Synchronizes artifacts across the lifecycle allowing free flow of information between Micro Focus PPM and other tools like Jira, ServiceNow, IBM RTC, CA and many more.
  • Enables centralized planning and control and improved cross-tool reporting, removing the need for manual processes and spreadsheets.
  • Implement a true Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) strategy across your portfolio, program and team levels


Artifacts Supported

  • Task



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