Tasktop Dev Integration for CA Agile Planning

CA Agile PlanningTasktop Dev for CA Agile Planning connects Agile planning and requirements management with the developer's Eclipse or Visual Studio IDE. This integration makes it effortless for developers to stay informed of changing priorities while facilitating traceability and creating visibility into development progress from within CA Agile Planning.



  • Access and update CA Agile Planning without leaving the IDE.
  • Stay in the loop on changing priorities and project progress.
  • Easily update development status while you work.
  • Monitor the stories, requirements, issues and tasks of interest.
  • Save time with task-focused programming productivity gains.

Download the CA Clarity Agile Requirements for Eclipse



  • Plan iterations more effectively with up to date status and progress information from developers.
  • Facilitate developer adoption of CA Agile Planning.
  • Streamline communication between developers and QA to reduce defect repair times.
  • Capture the context of collaboration and design rationale for future reference.

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