Tasktop Dev Integration for CA Agile Central


With the CA Agile Central Mylyn connector installed, Tasktop Dev becomes a rich desktop client for CA Agile Central that enables you to manage your development stories, tasks and defects within Eclipse and Visual Studio. CA Agile Central Integration enables both developers and testers to improve their overall efficiency because they can update their status more quickly and more often. The CA Agile Central connector supports offline editing and integrated notifications so you can easily scan changes to your artifacts without cluttering your email inbox with messages from the server. Additionally, CA Agile Central for Visual Studio has a tabular view to see vital information across multiple tasks. All Tasktop products enable an easy one-click install of the CA Agile Central Mylyn connector, which can be used with both CA Agile Central's on-demand and on-premise solutions. Tasktop Dev for CA Agile Central is free for CA customers.



  • No need to sign-in or leave Eclipse or Visual Studio to create new CA Agile Central artifacts
  • View and edit tasks, stories, and defects in customized editors
  • Rich WYSIWYG text editor works like the CA Agile Central Web UI
  • Use personal notes, scheduling, and estimation features
  • Use powerful personal scheduling capabilities so you know what to work on next
  • Use a one-time search or add a query to your task list
  • Automatically track and report time spent on tasks, stories and defects
  • Update task and defect status while offline, CA Agile Central will be updated automatically when you connect to the Internet


  • Integrated task management, which allows developers using multiple repositories to see all their work in one place
  • Achieve measurable productivity gains through task-focused interface technology
  • Ease of updating encourages your team to keep the CA Agile Central dashboard accurate
  • Up-to-date visibility of project health and risks
  • Use queries and notifications to stay informed of your team's progress
  • Work offline without fear of problems with synchronizing artifacts later
  • Context sharing for faster issue resolution and better collaboration

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