BMC Remedy Integration


Being responsive is the cornerstone of providing excellent customer service. And to be responsive to customer needs, service desk professionals need a seamless communication channel with their colleagues in development. But without integrating the tools that these teams use, they are forced into using low-fidelity communication tools such as email and spreadsheets to collaborate on customer issues.

However, by integrating BMC Remedy with the tools the development teams use, efficiency, productivity and cross-team visibility is increased and customer service is enhanced. 

  • Flow problems to preferred defect management tools
  • Allow simple and convenient communication via attachments and comments
  • Ensure changes in BMC Remedy are instantly recorded in the development teams tool of choice        
  • Improve quality of IT services by closely integrating support with other teams
  • Transform customer support and issue/defect management into a seamless and integrated process


Supported BMC Remedy Versions

Check out which repository versions are supported for each of our products:

Tasktop Integration Hub
Tasktop Sync





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