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Sophisticated Integrations

Enterprise-grade sophistication, with point-and-click ease.

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Hub - SI - left

In large-scale organizations, edge cases are critical.

Native integrations and plugins don’t support the nuanced behavior you need, so you often resort to coding a custom workaround.

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Hub - SI - center

Custom-coded workarounds keep breaking.

Every time something changes in your environment or infrastructure the integrations fall apart, and you spend days trying to put them back together.

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Hub - SI - right

Integration outages take a huge toll on productivity.

Thousands of man days are lost when practitioners who rely on the invisible flow of information across tools have to revert to manual updates.

Hub - SI - A configurable solution. For every use case.

A configurable solution. For every use case.

Here are a few examples of advanced configuration capabilities in Tasktop Hub:

  • Twinless artifact updates: Artifact notification when twin is no longer able to sync

  • Public and private comment control: Determine which type of comments are ok to synchronize to another tool

  • Nested folder synchronization: Preserve context for your users by mirroring complete artifact structures and their work items

  • Field-level conflict resolution: Determine how to treat conflicts per field

  • Rule-based field flow: Control which party can update fields in different phases of a work item’s lifecycle

Hub - SI - No more compliance spreadsheets. We’re automating traceability.

No more compliance spreadsheets. We’re automating traceability.

If you’re in a regulated industry, like financial services, healthcare, or automotive, integration can offload many of the burdensome activities related to compliance, including establishing traceability between requirements and a verified implementation.

Tasktop Hub replaces manual and error-prone traceability practices with built-in automated traceability that can:

  • Embed links to related artifacts upstream and downstream

  • Trace requirements to architecture and code

  • Trace test cases to requirements 

Learn the core principles of end-to-end traceability

Hub - SI - Beautiful UI. Excellent documentation.

Beautiful UI. Excellent documentation.

Tasktop Hub’s intuitive web-based administration is designed to make your job simple and intuitive. And our first-class technical documentation goes deep to guide you on implementing the most involved use cases.

“I had a call today with a new customer who pretty much ran with the docs and set up a working integration and managed to demo it to their stakeholders, all this with no training at all. This is a testament to the absolutely detailed and helpful documentation we have and the user-friendly and intuitive interface.”
 – Laksh Ranganathan, Senior Solutions Consultant at Taskop

Visit our docs site to explore all the things you can do with Tasktop Hub and view video tutorials.

Plug-and Play Tools We Support

Plug-and Play Tools We Support

Tasktop Hub plugs into your toolchain utilizing pre-built connectors to tens of the most popular software delivery tools.

See all supported integrations



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