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Ease of Configuration

Fast configuration. Easy maintenance.

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Rapid scaling is a solvable challenge.

When onboarding new product lines or projects to your integration platform is complex and time-consuming, your enterprise suffers the cost of delay.

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Hub - CM - center

If you’re digging through log files, something is wrong.

Cross-tool synchronization can result in errors. That’s a fact. But searching through log files to verify or resolve an error is simply not acceptable.

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Hub - CM - right

Holding the map of integrations all in your head is error-prone.

Without a visual representation of what’s flowing between tools, it quickly becomes very hard to manage the integrations and explain the landscape to your peers and managers.

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Hub - CM - It shouldn’t take a village.

It shouldn’t take a village.

Tasktop Hub is so easy to set up and maintain that, typically, a single admin is sufficient to cover a large scale implementation benefiting thousands of IT practitioners.

The model-based integration at its heart slashes the time it takes to set up the integrations and update them, as well as troubleshoot and resolve any errors that occur. 

That’s why it’s the integration solution of choice for nearly half of the Fortune 100.

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Hub - CM - Troubleshooting made easy.

Troubleshooting made easy.

Bi-directional data synchronization is a complex operation, and sometimes errors will occur. The question is, how easy are they to resolve?

  • Understand whether issues are preventing all integrations from running or just a specific integration

  • At any moment, see all active synchronizations: what’s pending, what’s processing, and what failed

  • For errors blocking a specific artifact from synchronizing: a detailed message explains exactly what went wrong and provides a link to the source artifact itself for further troubleshooting

  • Where relevant, specific errors will take you to the appropriate configuration screen to correct an incorrect integration setup

Hub - CM - Integration saves thousands of hours. Count them.

Integration saves thousands of hours. Count them.

The biggest benefit from integration is all the saved time on duplicate data entry, manual handovers and keeping each other up-to-date on what’s changed.

With Tasktop Hub, you can see exactly how many artifacts are being created and updated automatically, so your teams don’t have to.

Your integration metrics display how much is flowing per tool, per integration and per project so you can:

  • Communicate the value of Tasktop to your organization

  • Analyze trends and patterns within your organization

  • Understand and troubleshoot downtime

“We love the pixie dust that creates the integration of DevOps” - Agile DevTools Manager, Leading Automotive Manufacturer

Plug-and Play Tools We Support

Plug-and Play Tools We Support

Tasktop Hub plugs into your toolchain utilizing pre-built connectors to tens of the most popular software delivery tools.

See all supported integrations



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