Kick your software delivery process into high gear

Transform your software delivery process and reduce time-to-market by up to 75% by plugging Tasktop’s value stream management platform into your existing toolchain.

Value stream management  Platform

Get products to market faster with smart investments

  • Identify bottlenecks that are causing months long delays and let data guide your additional investments.
  • See why transformations are failing, get fast feedback on investment decisions and course-correct quickly.
  • Transform the way teams and leaders make decisions by analyzing workflow across multiple tools and teams, avoiding siloed optimizations.

Get products to market faster with smart investments

value stream management velocity

Grow your bottom line with greater insights into IT’s impact on the business

Measure IT business impact

Grow your bottom line with greater insights into IT’s impact on the business

  • Show when you’re delivering more features faster without relying on story points and burndown charts that have no connection to business results.
  • Share clear insights the business can easily understand with value, cost, quality and happiness metrics included.
  • Surface business impacts from crucial non-feature work like risk, tech debt and defects.

Make your teams faster and happier

  • Flow work between software delivery tools like Jira Software, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow and many other Integrations.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry to free up capacity, while allowing teams to work in their tool of choice.
  • Automate traceability, remove manual work and ensure accurate visibility across the entire software lifecycle

Make your teams faster and happier

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Start getting intelligent, context-aware insights today

why tasktops different

Start getting intelligent, context-aware insights today

  • Bypass expensive and inaccurate home-grown data projects by leveraging a platform that has software delivery expertise built into its DNA.
  • Turn raw technical data into actionable insights within minutes, get value streams mapped and measured fast.
  • Power reliable data flow with pre-built connectors to all the best-of-breed Agile, DevOps and IT tools.

How Tasktop's value stream management platform works

integrate and automate

Plug into your existing toolchain.

see bottlenecks

Shape the data from existing tools into value streams with smart models.

see business results

Automate workflow between tools to improve efficiency.

VSM Reporting

Get insights into how IT is improving and impacting business goals.

"Tasktop has the vision, which we use to translate how we operate across the entire business - not just software. We have completely changed how we operate in hardware delivery, software, and project management. Tasktop was the only player that provided the holistic view of how everything happens from when we take an order to when we deliver for a customer."

— CIO, Transportation

See why Tasktop is recognized as a value stream management platform leader

Forrester TEI of TasktopForrester TEI of Tasktop

Forrester calculates 496% ROI on Tasktop investment

Forrester Wave VSMForrester Wave VSM

Tasktop named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Value Stream Management, Q3, 2020 report

gigaom report vsmgigaom report vsm

GigaOm Names Tasktop a Value Stream Management Leader

See how Frequentis automated traceability, boosting product development efficiency

"In Tasktop we’ve found a reliable partner that supports us and our customers in meeting the high demands for our products in a safety-critical environment. Together we contribute to making the world a bit safer."

Peter Kuessel

IT Director, Frequentis

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Peter Kuessel vsm case studyPeter Kuessel vsm case study
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Accelerating software delivery starts with visibility into what's impacting time to market.

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