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forrester wave vsm 2020

Tasktop named a Leader by independent research firm

Tasktop was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in The Forrester Wave™: Value Stream Management, Q3, 2020 evaluation. In this evaluation, Tasktop was named a Leader in Value Stream Management—gaining top scores for the VSM Solution Model, Product Vision and Performance criteria.

Learn why Tasktop has been recognized as a leader.

Tasktop can help you to create a spot-on product-centric software delivery organization and, ultimately, the experiences your customers expect. Learn what you need to be a software delivery Rockstar in our Novel economy!

According to the report:

"Tasktop’s innovative dashboard and flow metrics wins customers over."

“Its dashboard is engaging and provides value stream insight and visibility at a glance, enabling users to uncover areas of waste and create plans that target improvement.”

“Clients that are shifting from a project-led to a product-led methodology and shifting their focus to outcomes should strongly consider Tasktop Viz.”