Discover how you can deliver $16.4 million in value

See how Tasktop Viz™ can connect enterprise transformation initiatives with financial benefits in this commissioned Forrester Consulting Study

Discover how you can deliver $16.4 million in value

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“Tasktop has the vision, which we used to translate how we operate across the entire business - not just software. We have completely changed how we operate in hardware delivery, software, and project management. Tasktop was the only player that provided the holistic view of how everything happens, from when we take an order to when we deliver for a customer.”

CIO, Transportation Industry

Forrester Consulting study: The Total Economic Impact™ of Tasktop Viz

Forrester-derived key benefits

According to the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Tasktop, global enterprise organizations using the Tasktop Viz value stream management solution can achieve material ROI over 3 years, with payback in less than 3 months.

Forrester TEI VSM Tasktop Results

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Driving 640% ROI with Tasktop Viz

Listen to Tasktop CPO, Nicole Bryan, and guest speaker, Forrester Senior Consultant, Sam Conway, as they discuss the findings of the TEI study. You'll also hear from Tasktop about customer stories and what implementing Tasktop Viz could mean for your business.

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