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Designed for enterprise business and technology leaders, sessions cover best practices and new innovations in how Value Stream Management impacts your software delivery ROI.

Develop the knowledge to deliver high-quality software, connected to business outcomes. Learn in a variety of formats including on-demand training, interactive workshops and exclusive executive sessions.

Flow InstituteFlow Institute

Interactive Workshops

Learn about Flow and how to use value stream management to achieve your transformation goals.


Roundtables bring together a small group of enthusiasts for an open space discussion with peers.

Executive Sessions

Introduce your team to the Flow Framework® as a new approach to managing the project to product transition within an organization.


Explore this curated list of resources to learn about the Flow Framework and value stream management.

Flow Framework® Courses


Essentials Training

On-demand – 1 Hour

Become a Flow Framework Practitioner to propel your organization toward a value centric software delivery practice.


Fundamentals Training

On-demand – 4 Hours

Become a Flow Framework Professional to help teams to begin working in the ways of the Flow Framework.


Getting Started with the Flow Framework

On-demand – 12 Minutes

Learn the key concepts, like Flow Items and Flow Load, to help your organization execute the Flow Framework.


Introduction to Flow Metrics

On-demand – 40 Minutes

This course introduces the Flow Metrics, providing a deep dive into what they are and why you need them.


Using Flow Metrics to Combat Cognitive Overload

On-demand – 45 Minutes

In this course, Tasktop Principal Flow Advisor, Dominica DeGrandis, presents actionable takeaways to address cognitive overload.


The Flow Framework and Product Value Streams

On-demand – 15 Minutes

This course teaches you how to apply the Flow Framework to measure your product value streams.

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Training Courses

Tasktop training courses provide you with all the skills you need to get started with our products, and learn more about Value Stream Management methods and practices. Courses are either virtual or on-demand.



Certification can lead to a host of benefits for your career and can also help your organization thrive. If you’re looking for a structured way to grow your knowledge and sills and establish professional credibility, a Tasktop certification is right for you.