Flow Fabric

Leverage connectors that work, all the time

Tasktop’s Flow Fabric™ federates access to the data housed in more than 60 Agile, DevOps and IT tools. Encapsulating more than a decade of real-world experience and industry leadership, these pre-built, no-code connectors provide intelligent change detection, data security, downtime recovery and schema capture. Outfitted with the largest test suite of its kind in the world (running up to 500k tests per day), Tasktop can run like magic, unlocking the information within the tools while seamlessly supporting the inevitable changes and disruptions in any enterprise environment (for example, tool migrations, API changes, new security standards and policies, system outages).

Tasktop's flow fabricTasktop's flow fabric

Uptime Assurance

Unlock the information within your toolchain and keep it flowing no matter what. Tasktop insulates your organization from potential disruptions caused by tool migrations, API changes, security and compliance, and more.

Investment Protection

Maximize the value of your multi-million dollar Agile and I&O tool stack. Our high-performing low-impact connectors uphold the operational stability of your tools while constantly automating and measuring flow.

Lock-In Avoidance

Fearlessly move between tools, adopt new frameworks and choose your cloud provider. Tasktop provides interoperability between new and existing tools, creating a stable experience for IT professionals while you modernize.

“With Tasktop, integration has become a seamless background job running on our technologists' behalf, without them having to be trained or involved.”

Walter Strahsberger

Head of IT Backbone


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Walter StrahsbergerWalter Strahsberger
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