Do you have trouble tying your software delivery metrics to business results? Can you measure time to value? Can you calculate the percentage of budget that delivered on strategic initiatives? Can you tie revenue from digital channels to IT efforts?

While it’s easy to measure productivity and performance for a single team - like developers or support - it can be extremely hard to gain insight into IT’s overall performance against your company’s objectives. And pulling together reports for governance and compliance can be just as hard.

That’s simply because the relevant data is siloed in the specialized tools each role uses. You either don’t have access to all the data you need, or the effort of collecting the data from the  disparate tools, normalizing and then analyzing it is so arduous it becomes unsustainable.  

Tasktop’s Enterprise Data Stream integration style changes all that.



As the integration infrastructure connecting all your tools and flowing artifacts between them, Tasktop is in a unique position to capture and aggregate rich software lifecycle data from your entire toolchain. The more tools you connect via Tasktop, the more measurable your end-to-end process becomes.

While tracing the work items and handoffs from owner to owner, status to status, team to team, Tasktop’s Enterprise Data Stream populates the data warehouse of your choice. Now you can create meaningful reports with your enterprise reporting tool - to reveal the outcomes of your efforts, not the efforts themselves.

Data is available in near real-time providing up-to-date information all the time, so you can re-adjust and correct course when it matters most.

Here are just some examples of insights only cross-toolchain reporting can give you:

  • Time to Value: Measure end-to-end lead time, from the original idea or customer request till its running in production

  • Software Delivery Bottlenecks: Measure wait times for a single story as it moves through the value stream

  • New Business Value: Measure the percentage of budget that delivers on strategic initiatives

  • Cross-organizational Utilization: Measure the time a story was actually worked on as a percentage of lead time

  • Round Trip MTTR: Measure round-trip MTTR for a support ticket and identify bottlenecks


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Demo Enterprise Data Stream 

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