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Tasktop provides organizations the capabilities needed to transform software delivery by integrating their entire value stream. 






Starter package for integrating two lifecycle tools

Includes Integration Landscape View so that organizations can gain visibility into how their tools connect

Unlimited tool connections complete with Integration Landscape View and database capabilities



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Included Lifecycle Connectors


up to 5




Synchronize Integration Style

Create bi-directional artifact flows between lifecycle management tools

Gateway Integration Style

Create or modify artifacts in lifecycle tools based on event triggers.



Integration Metrics Dashboard

View integration metrics over time, including volume of artifacts created and updated


Last 30 days only, no filters

Integration Designer

Web-based integration designer and administration interface for configuring integrations

Rapid Project Scaling

Scale to hundreds of projects with just a few clicks.

Attachment Synchronization

Share screenshots and diagrams along with your artifacts

Comment Synchronization

Use comments for in-context collaboration

Smart Mappings

Automatically maps common artifact attributes

Smart Change Detection

Optimized for high-performance

Model-based Integration Management

Map artifacts to a central model instead of creating endless project pairs

Artifact Routing

Control artifact flow based on its attributes

Custom Transformations

Extend our standard transformations with those unique to your business

Person Reconciliation

Match users across tools, even when their user-names aren't consistent

Twinless Artifact Update

Notify an artifact when its twin is no longer eligible to flow

Not Included  
Nested Folder Synchronization

Mirror artifact structures that contain folders within folders

 Not IncludedAdd-On  
WhiteHat Security Connector



Integration Landscape View

Visualize your integration flows instantly

Not Included

Enterprise Data Stream

Flow artifact data to a centralized database in real-time

Not Included




Administration and Enterprise Management

Web-based administration

Web-based user interface for managing your integrations

Operation Visibility

Activity & Issues dashboard

User Management

Secure management of authorized Tasktop administrators




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