Banking on Flow Metrics – The Bank of New Zealand Transformation Journey

The Challenge

In the age of digital transformation, companies are continually pressured to do more with less.

Paul Littlefair is the Executive Technology at Bank of New Zealand, New Zealand’s leading business bank, and he is committed to improving the productivity and flow of each product value stream.

Although technology and automation are critical to operational success, human connections are also critical, and Littlefair’s challenge is to provide the next-generation technology that supports the human element of banking on which BNZ prides itself.

The Result

In this video, Littlefair discusses how Tasktop’s ability to measure flow and identify constraints provides real-time enablement for value streams at BNZ:

“When you measure things, you can then effectively change them. What Tasktop has enabled us to do is to come up with definitive measures and metrics around what is actually going on. … With that data, you can then make a very compelling case and say: we need to introduce some improvements here – we need to make some changes.”

With the introduction of Tasktop Viz®, BNZ has removed inhibitors to flow, leading to improvements in time-to-market, total output, and productivity. Improved flow has also fostered a more positive work culture, because employees can come into work knowing that what they do every day is meaningful.

Banking on Flow Metrics – The Bank of New Zealand Transformation Journey

Banking on Flow Metrics – The Bank of New Zealand Transformation Journey

In their presentation at the 2021 DevOps Enterprise Summit, Bank of New Zealand's Chief Technology Officer, Paul Littlefair, and Value Stream Architect, BMK Lakshminarayanan, spoke about BNZ’s transformational journey and how they have been working on establishing the Flow Metrics to continue to innovate, stay ahead of the competition and deliver excellent service and support their customers.

“It’s early in our journey but we’re already seeing value. The teams are committed, excited and engaged and we’re seeing culture improvements because every engineer can now see how their work impacts business delivery and helps support an effective DevOps culture.”

-  Paul Littlefair, Banking on Flow Metrics – Bank of New Zealand Transformation Journey, 2021 DevOps Enterprise Summit

Video by permission, IT Revolution

About Tasktop

Tasktop transforms traditional businesses into high- performing tech companies by instantly providing an outside lens for accelerating software delivery. Many organizations are flying blind when it comes to digital transformations because the tools used to do the work provide limited views and proxy metrics. Tasktop’s Value Stream Management platform sits above the entire toolchain, integrating all the underlying tools and objectively measuring flow. Within days our customers are getting insights into where their real bottlenecks are, automating workflows and using Tasktop data to implement changes that reduce time-to-market.

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