Viz Professional

Viz Professional certification badge

Viz Professional

Issued by: Tasktop Technologies

A Viz Professional is a change agent who implements a value-centric approach to DevOps that propels results for the business.

Competencies include:

  • Summarize the purpose and benefit of Tasktop Viz
  • Onboard Products into Tasktop Viz
  • Identify and model value produced in product value streams
  • Perform the Modeling necessary to generate the Flow Metrics
  • Present a value creation dashboard to leadership
  • Describe each of the Flow Metrics and how they are used
  • Incorporate Business Results and Timeline Events
  • Understand the significance of controlling work type distribution
  • Visualize flow and gain insights with initial Flow Metrics
  • Identify what states for work items could be potential bottlenecks
  • Perform Work in Progress analysis
  • Analyze a software product portfolio in terms of the shift from Project to Product
  • Analyze a software product portfolio in terms of adequate flow distribution
  • Analyze WIP in terms of business agility and market response

Please contact your Tasktop Representative to learn more about this certification.