Building synergies between established practices and new tools

Synchronizing: HP QC, IBM RTC

The customer: a venerable financial services company

Founded nearly 100 years ago, this firm manages hundreds of billions of dollars in assets. It has a well established and sophisticated HP Quality Center (QC) deployment for quality management.

The challenge: improve traceability across the application lifecycle 

Recently, the customer implemented IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) to track software development activity. But it needed to maintain the benefits of HP QC and enable the quality team to work closely with IBM RTC developers. Specifically, defects created by the quality team in HP QC needed to be viewed and updated by developers working in RTC, while changes made in RTC had to be reflected back to HP QC in real time.

The company also needed a single system-of-record to provide comprehensive development status information. To effectively track project progress, it needed to see all relevant information within HP QC, where the proper oversight and governance could be applied.

The solution: a holistic approach to managing the software development process

With Tasktop Sync, the customer has improved the quality of testing and test coverage, which in turn improves its customer-facing services and application delivery. Sync allows the customer to connect its established quality practices with new tools, and manage the software development process holistically. It achieves this by synchronizing information between IBM RTC and HP QC as changes occur.

The benefits extend across the organization

For managers – Tasktop Sync enables real-time, comprehensive reporting and visibility to improve project management decision-making

For testers and developers – Sync provides flexibility to select and use the most appropriate tools while eliminating tedious, costly and error-prone manual replication across systems.

For the company – Sync integrates requirements solutions, development and testing to improve traceability and reduce costs. It also improves ROI on the entire tool infrastructure. The organization can fully leverage its investments in HP QC, including the established processes and associated know-how, while gaining the advantages of the new tooling used the development team.

The result: The best of both worlds. The customer  gained velocity from a new innovative process – while maintaining well-established processes  proven to support highs level of quality.


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