Connecting Agile innovation with PMO

Synchronizing: CA PPM, Atlassian JIRA, Microsoft TFS, HP ALM

The customer: one of the world’s largest healthcare companies

This customer is among the most recognizable companies in the Fortune 500. We work with a division that provides healthcare technology systems and other medical and pharmaceutical products. Like many of our customers, their competitive advantage depends on their ability to perform best-in-class software development and delivery. But while they must be innovative and quick to market, they must also maintain the high level of structure and control required in a tightly regulated industry.

The challenge: integrating Agile methods and the PMO

To foster innovation and increase velocity, the customer has adopted Agile methodologies. To make sure business controls are honored, they also maintain the rigor of a strong Project Management Office (PMO). Over the years, they’ve invested heavily in their software development infrastructure, including tools such as Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Atlassian JIRA, HP ALM and CA PPM (formerly CA Clarity PPM).

While having multiple purpose-built tools is ideal for supporting the needs of individual disciplines, the lack of integration among those tools causes information silos and a breakdown in collaboration. This situation is exacerbated with the increased cadence of Agile methods.

For example, project managers were not getting an accurate understanding of project status. While developers performed work in their systems, that information wasn’t being rolledup to the PMO using CA PPM. And models used for planning weren’t being linked with the actual execution.

Further, “incidental” work wasn’t reflected in the resource tracking mechanisms. And the project managers had inaccurate Gantt charts and project timelines. Without this information, the project managers couldn’t forecast risks or project delays, and the PMO lacked sufficient data to make informed investment decisions.

The solution: Tasktop Sync connects the entire lifecycle

The customer turned to Tasktop to provide the product and services needed to integrate their PPM, Agile planning, development and test disciplines into one seamless, end-toend, automated lifecycle. Tasktop Sync integrates CA PPM, Atlassian JIRA, Microsoft TFS and HP QC/ALM, which enables:

Better status reporting – status reports in CA PPM can now include work items being updated in other tools

Improved traceability – particularly between CA PPM and software development work items throughout the lifecycle

True collaboration - Instead of sharing artifacts via email, Tasktop Sync enables collaboration on the same work item/artifact across different tools.

Natural workflow – Artifacts and status changes flow from system to system without manual intervention, ensuring that everyone has access to the most current information.

Enhanced productivity – By removing many manual steps that connect the PMO to development, Sync breaks down the barriers between the groups.


The result: the customer improved innovation and time-to-market while meeting the strict demands of a tightly regulated industry. With Tasktop Sync, rigor and velocity are definitely not mutually exclusive.


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