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After a quarter of century at Bell Labs as the company revolutionized the telecommunications market and as a catalyst in helping Nationwide Insurance digitally transform its software delivery through Agile, DevOps and Lean practices, there are few areas of business technology that Carmen DeArdo has not galvanized and left his unmistakable mark.

Part technical guru, part storyteller, Carmen is an award-winning public speaker and published author. His latest works include a number of IT Revolution Forum papers and the 2019 book Standing on Shoulders: A Leader’s Guide to Digital Transformation. Drawing upon his vast and varied experience - including three patents in software engineering - Carmen is Senior VSM Strategist at Tasktop, helping software organizations to accelerate the flow of business value through the implementation of integrated delivery pipeline and the pioneering Flow Framework™.

Standing on Shoulders: A Leaders Guide to Digital Transformation

We’ve reached a crucial juncture in the high-stakes digital transformation race. Market leaders are beginning to lap their competitors, as a BMW I8s outpaces models of yesteryears. In a time of software-driven disruption, these high-performing organizations are so far ahead that that it can appear like they have unearthed some long-lost chapter to the art of digital transformation.


The truth, however, is somewhat more prosaic (while no less magical). The secret lies in a seismic change in mindset; a fusing of “old world thinking” around quality and differentiation, and “new world thinking” of foxtrotting with the fast-moving market to meet demand with precision and guile.


This book focuses on how you change that mindset on an enterprise-scale by considering the thought and action leaders that power it. Concise and comprehensive, and drawing on the authors’ collective experience on the frontline of software delivery and technical leadership, Standing On Shoulders explains the criticality of forging product-thinking at leadership and team levels across the enterprise.


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