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Tasktop has at least 7 co-op students year-round at our Vancouver headquarters. They are here for eight-month internships of development, quality assurance, and solutions work. But, what distinguishes Tasktop from any other software company in Vancouver? And moreover, what’s working at Tasktop really like?

Jennifer Lui and Emily Tyhurst, two Junior Quality Assurance Engineers, have the answers for you. They’ve compiled a checklist that gives newcomers insight on what to look forward to, and what to be ready for when starting a term at Tasktop.


What’s the first month going to be like?

  • Get Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan to help you with  _________
  • Get really confused by all of the acronyms…
  • Break your git repository or Eclipse workspace, lose an entire day trying to fix it 🙁
  • Try at least 15 ALM systems, decide you don’t love at least 10 of them.
  • Become confused by Jenkins, Hudson, Jarvis, and Gerrit (which is which again?)
  • Wonder why the Apps team is called Apps when they ship a product called Tasktop Data, built on a Platform?
  • Be the first to arrive in the office in the morning (Make sure you disable the alarm!)
  • Get locked out of the office after 6pm
  • Bike to work, use to bike storage to store your bike, join the ‘Biking’ group on Yammer
  • Add your umbrella to the collection of umbrellas at the front of the office on a rainy day
  • Look out the window at the beautiful panoramic view of downtown (results may vary on rainy days) 


What does an average day working at Tasktop look like (Development, Solutions, and QA)?

  • Post a patch set to your Gerrit review. End up posting 10 more patch sets after all the reviews…
  • Rebase your patch set 4 or more times…
  • +2 a review and submit it!
  • Work on an issue rated several story points more than it’s worth, and feel great about your success!
  • Work on an issue severely underrated by story points 🙁
  • Struggle to get ahold of Shawn Minto when trying to address a defect from the field
  • Report a defect that gets passed back and forth between 3 or more teams
  • Locally provision an ALM system using Vagrant. Wonder what to do while it provisions, since any major action will likely cause a Guru Meditation error on your provisioning…
  • Work on an automated provisioning with Chef
  • Be forced to install an annoying client to work with an ALM system
  • Use multiple APIs within the same ALM system, confuse yourself
  • Work on a quirky endless-sync issue.
  • Work on a Java classloader related defect. Despair!
  • Work on a SR&ED-able story or defect!
  • Work on a defect that turns out to be an issue with a partner repository. File a ticket against them and implement a workaround anyways…
  • Create a Confluence Wiki page, discover that there’s already a Wiki page for that…


What’s the company working culture like?

  • Walk into the Whistler meeting room when you thought it was Cypress, or vice-versa… or wait was that actually Seymour? Or Grouse? Or Blackcomb?
  • Have a sprint retrospective with all good things
  • Have a sprint retrospective with all bad things
  • Discuss Agile process with your scrum master
  • Have a Skype call with one of our developers in Germany, try GotoMeeting, Webex, appear.in as each system fails mid-call.
  • Have a Skype call with one of our Sales or Product folks in Austin
  • Create a cool product feature or tool at Code Jam
  • Attend 10 meetings during JOG week… and manage to survive
  • Attend an All Hands meeting that has been rescheduled 3 or more times
  • Submit a Kudos for someone who does great work!
  • Watch a Tech Shot and learn something new.
  • Deliver a Tech Shot and teach the team something new!


What does ‘work hard, play hard’ mean to Tasktop? 

  • Learn how to use the espresso machine, ask David Green to teach you how to make latte art
  • Find a new beer that you love at Happy Hour
  • Play a game of foosball, score on your own goal while playing foosball…
  • Stay at work till 8pm on a Friday playing Rock Band
  • Discover the wonders of shawerma at Babylon Cafe
  • Get a fantastic lunch at The Grind… then get a thoroughly mediocre lunch at The Grind
  • Enjoy cake for birthday celebrations!
  • Draw a masterpiece on the blackboard
  • Try baking or sample international sweets from a co-worker’s recent travels.
  • Post a Bad Joke on Yammer.
  • Participate in a Tasktop Cup event, get your team’s ring added to the Tasktop Cup! 
  • Accidentally post an awkward Giphy GIF to your team’s Slack channel.
  • Watch a ridiculous YouTube video during lunch.
  • Find the Tasktop Blog and read a bunch of Dave West’s posts.
  • Write a Tasktop Blog post! 
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