Announcing the Project to Product Podcast: Mik + One

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Since the publication of Project to Product a year ago, it has been wonderful to witness the impact that the book is having. I have seen it inspire countless people who share a passion for helping their organizations survive and thrive in the Age of Software. The past year has been an amazing one for me, as I’ve had the opportunity to engage personally with so many of you who can see a better path. In the past year, I delivered 28 conference presentations including 18 keynotes to get the word out, but what was even more interesting was the 440 external meetings that I had to discuss the shift from project to product. I learned a tremendous amount from these engagements, and have been impressed and inspired by all those working so hard at establishing an operating model for innovation in their organizations.  

The task of transforming is not easy, especially when working with managerial and cultural models that have evolved from industrial and mass production mindsets. What I have noticed from people who are succeeding is that they are on a continual journey of seeking learning and inspiration. I’m thrilled that Project to Product is providing some of that, all the way across management levels in even the largest organizations – as evidenced by leaders such as the CEO of Walmart putting the book on their Christmas reading lists. 

To write the book, I drew on the great work of people who have inspired me most in my career, and in particular those who fundamentally changed the way I think about software delivery, organizational structures and technology. I am launching this podcast—called Mik + One—to share those same inspirations with others on the journey.

In the first season, guests include the very inspirational people whose work Project to Product builds on directly, including Gene Kim, Carlota Perez, Dave West and Dominica DeGrandis. I hope that you’ll join me every other week to learn from these thought-provoking conversations! 

Listen to part one of my conversation with Gene Kim, best-selling author of The Unicorn Project and The Devops Handbook:

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