Let’s Get Visual: Visualize Your Integration Landscape with Tasktop Integration Hub

Laurel HeenanPosted by

On January 31st, Tasktop reimagined integration with the launch of Tasktop Integration Hub. Tasktop’s Model-Based Integration platform allows organizations to define their Value Stream Integration layer within the Tasktop interface automating information flow across teams, processes, and tools.

Today, Tasktop introduces an upgraded release of the Tasktop Integration Hub featuring Landscape View.

Landscape view provides a simple but dramatic visual overview of an enterprise’s entire software delivery value stream. This type of at-a-glance value stream overview is the first of its kind. It allows users to quickly see which systems are integrated, what models are being used, whether the flows are one-way or two-way, and see which artifacts are flowing between tools (e.g. Stories, Defects, Requirements).

Using the landscape view, Tasktop administrators can visualize their entire integration landscape and filter the view by model or artifact within seconds.

On a macro level, administrators no longer need to explain integrations to CIOs via whiteboard diagrams. CIOs can see the entire value stream. And this holistic view helps them make critical business decisions faster.

For more information on Tasktop Integration Hub features visit our features webpage or request a demo today.