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Tasktop’s Integration Network

We work closely with over 36 leading software endpoint vendors to get a comprehensive understanding of their products and how they interact with other tools. We don’t compete with them – we’re collaborators – meaning greater support and cooperation. We’ve been able to get a deep understanding of all endpoints, and how they might conflict, and then engineered logic and transformations into our products that resolve these conflicts. The end result is an integration solution that’s easy to deploy and scale, without extensive professional services.

Connect Your Tools Without Coding

Tool admins, rather than developers, should have all the skills and tools necessary to perform integrations without laborious coding.

Our products respect the customizations, workflows and permissions in each tool, while performing the necessary transformations needed to connect tools with different object models and data types. We support more tool versions than any other SDLC integration vendor and allow for multiple styles of integration – giving admins the flexibility they need.

This depth of capability ensures that initial deployments and downstream expansions are straightforward and easily maintained, reducing lifetime total cost of ownership. While other solutions may seem less expensive initially, Tasktop becomes much more cost-effective as you grow.


Our rigorous testing of vendor tools is second to none. We have developed a proprietary knowledge database on how all tools can be integrated across your entire lifecycle. Our integration specification and automated test infrastructure tests against running instances of the endpoint tools with testing methods that are so exhaustive that we’ve found errors in new versions of endpoint products before their vendors have. We call this Tasktop’s Integration Factory.

500k API Tests Running
3300 API Tests in Integration Spec
360+ Versions Supported

Using this powerful and sophisticated resource – which comprises over a 100 collective person-years from the Tasktop team and performs over half a million tests per day – we keep customers current with all new releases, while maintaining the integrity of existing agile lifecycle management (ALM) integrations.

Built To Grow With You

Once customers see the benefits of synchronizing a few artifacts between two endpoints, they naturally want to scale their deployments.

Tasktop Integration Hub provides this scalability through additional endpoints and artifacts as well as asynchronous integration through Artifact Event Gateway. With Tasktop all of this activity data can be collected in a centralized database, providing better visibility into bottlenecks within your organization.

Through Tasktop Dev we also reduce the productivity drain practitioners face from context switching between multiple systems, automating the traceability between code changes, and the defects and user stories that prompted them.

Experts Near You

From your first conversation and initial deployment, through to your continued use of Tasktop, our staff are dedicated to your success. Our customer support network across North America and Europe is the strongest and most comprehensive on the market. There’s always a specialist on hand meet in person and help you maximise your investment. 

We’re Changing How You Develop Software

Throughout our organization, we have professionals dedicated to improving how we develop software. Our approaches and strategies help to shape the ever-evolving industry and we are at the forefront of making the world of software development an integrated one.