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Upcoming Webinars

We have a number of webinars being planned. Please check back soon for new additions and visit our past webinars or watch a demo in the mean time.

Software developer productivity: What we know and how to make it better

March 9, 2016 at 12:00 PM ET

Description: Everyone seems to want more software developed and produced faster. Yet simply ramping up the number of individuals able to produce software is not sufficient; it is also important to improve the productivity of the software developers. But, what is software development productivity anyway? When do software developers consider themselves productive? What friction exists in software development that lowers productivity? In this talk, Gail Murphy will discuss recent studies about software development productivity from the eyes of developers and will suggest directions to improve software development productivity based on the daily activities of software developers. This talk includes joint work with T. Fritz (U. Zürich), A. Meyer (U. Zürich) and T. Zimmermann (Microsoft Research). Register Now > 


What's New in Tasktop Sync 4.5 & Data 1.4

March 16, 2016 at 12:00 PM ET

Description: The latest release of Tasktop Sync and Tasktop Data includes an expanded tools ecosystem, extended support for artifact management and much more, presented by Mik Kersten, Co-Founder and CEO. Join us to learn what's new...including some exciting additions that dramatically expand the types of tools that can be brought into a Connected Software Lifecycle. Register Now >


Past Webinars


Strong ARM Your Tools

Description: Artifact Relationship Management (ARM) lets you recreate the structure and hierarchy between your ALM tools; creating order instead of chaos. Have a parent-child relationship on one side? ARM allows you to maintain this parent-child relationship on the other side of your integration. Come to our webinar to learn why maintaining links between your work items across your ecosystem saves you time & money. Watch Now >


Defining Business Applications for Scaled Agile Projects

Partner Webinar: Blueprint

Description: Defining a business application correctly is a challenge, even more so as the size and complexity of the project increase.  Add a shift to Agile, which is underway in many IT organizations, and the situation can be daunting. This webinar explores how requirements fit into scaled Agile projects along with the supportive tooling that works in concert with Atlassian JIRA.

You can keep the conversation going after the webinar by joining us for a live Twitter chat with Blueprintsys & Tasktop on December 3rd, 2:00 and 3:00. Learn more

Integrate your tools and connect your software development and delivery teams

Partner Webinar: Orasi

Description: With Tasktop Sync working behind the scenes to provide fully automated synchronization among the tools used by software development and delivery teams, email, spreadsheets, and status meetings can be a thing of the past. In this webinar, learn how every team member (even in the largest enterprises) can get real-time access to updates made by other team members across disciplines and tool boundaries.


Tasktop Sync for iRise: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Partner webinar: iRise

The later a defect or change is found, the greater the negative impact on software delivery. Agile processes and DevOps methodologies promote changes to streamline software production, but speeding up the process and building the wrong thing doesn't deliver business value and isn't the answer. This webinar demonstrates preventative measures that can be taken to ensure developers and testers are building the right features, maximizing the business value delivered, and reducing waste.

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July Product Release Update

Learn what's new in Sync and Data, including a demo of the new user interface for Data.

With Tasktop Sync 4.3 we are making the lives of Sync Admins much easier by introducing a host of timesaving features in Tasktop Sync. We've also expanded our tools ecosystem to include support for iRise, Blueprint, HP PPM and CA Harvest.

Tasktop Data 1.2 includes support for 12 new systems and a new user experience that allows you to easily initiate and grow your enterprise reporting needs.

We discuss how these new features and expanding tools ecosystem enable enterprises to connect everyone in the software lifecycle to create one efficient development and delivery team. 

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When Agile, DevOps and Lean Aren't Enough 

Under pressure to speed software delivery, IT organizations have adopted modern methods (Agile, DevOps, Lean and Continuous Delivery) and have invested in best-of-breed tools from multiple vendors… but many aren’t seeing the results they were expecting.

In this webinar, Forrester Principal Analyst Kurt Bittner presents his analysis of the modern application delivery ecosystem and describes how organizations can thrive in this multi-vendor, multi-methodology market.

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Webinar Series: Doing Analytics Right

Every business process can benefit from instrumentation with analytics and feedback loops - particularly now in our world of Big Data and Big Data analytic techniques.  Analytics can enhance productivity, predictability, alignment and morale. In this webinar series we explain the principles and practices of choosing and implementing the right measures to instrument your development processes.

Part 1: Selecting Analytics

In the first part or our series, we lay out the principles and key concerns for selecting analytics, including their proper use and how to avoid doing more harm than good.

Watch Part 1: Selecting Analytics

Part 2: Designing and Automating Analytics

This webinar describes a straightforward method for designing your analytics solution based on your business goals and environment.

Watch Part 2: Designing and Automating Analytics

Part 3: Building the Analytics Environment

In this last webinar in the series we explain how to build your analytics environment and instrument your development processes... and how Tasktop Data can help.

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A Pragmatic Approach to Scaling Agile in the Enterprise

Agile development has become the norm for building software, with the majority of software delivery teams using some form of Agile development. But the same cannot be said for the enterprises they work for. The reality is that while development teams are embracing Agile methodologies, the software delivery organizations they are part of tend to be the very opposite of Agile.

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Driving Requirements into the Lifecycle with Integration

It all starts with requirements. Not only do they define the problem you are trying to solve, but also its value. If used correctly, requirements enable you to make decisions about priority, business value, and even architectural risk. But for many organizations requirements live on an island – an island that sends out communications, but increasingly becomes less and less relevant as the project progresses. How many of your requirement documents are still up to date at the end of the project? When there is a problem, where do you look first – the code, the architecture, the tests, the deployment or the requirements documents?

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