Tasktop Dev Pro

Tasktop Dev Pro extends the Mylyn task-focused interface with additional features and connectors for improved developer productivity by reducing information overload and making multi-tasking far more intuitive in the IDE. 


Included Integrations

Tasktop Dev Pro




Eclipse Mylyn

Tasktop Dev Pro

Tasktop Dev Enterprise

Source code tracking**
Task tracking and scheduling
Managed updates 
Time tracking dashboard 
To-the-minute time tracking 
Task-focused web browser 
Full Microsoft Outlook integration 
Schedule tasks using Google Calendar 
Instant desktop file search 
Calendar, time and switcher trims 
Technical support 
Available as Standalone Application for Eclipse 
Support for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE  
Priority private support  
Streamlined distribution options **  
Support for older Eclipse versions **  
Cross-Repository Agile Planning ***  

*    Only available with Eclipse plugin distribution.
**   Minimum volumes apply.
*** Tasktop's cross-repository Agile planning works with Rally and the HP Agile Accelerator and also shows dependencies on tasks in other systems supported by Tasktop Dev.