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Our founder, Dr. Mik Kersten, created the popular – and groundbreaking – Eclipse Mylyn open source project. This task-focused interface for Eclipse revolutionized developer productivity by reducing information overload, making multi-tasking easier and far more intuitive, and improving recovery time from interruptions.

Tasktop Dev is Tasktop’s commercial version of Eclipse Mylyn. Tasktop Dev extends Eclipse Mylyn with additional features, integration for enterprise repositories, support for the Visual Studio IDE and providing access to Tasktop's support organization.

Tasktop Dev is available in two options, Tasktop Dev Pro and Tasktop Dev Enterprise:

Tasktop Dev Pro

Dev Pro extends the Mylyn task-focused interface with key features such as time tracking and desktop documents. It can be run as a standalone application or an Eclipse plug-in; and includes the only officially supported JIRA connector, as well as connectors to Gmail, Outlook and more.  

Tasktop Dev Enterprise

Dev Enterprise extends Dev Pro with support for Visual Studio IDE (in addition to Eclipse and the Standalone Application), priority technical support and support for enterprise tools such as Microsoft TFS, IBM Rational Team Concert, HP ALM & HP QC, HP Agile Manager, CA Agile Planning and more.

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Dev ProDev Enterprise


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Try it free for 30 days

Tasktop Dev is available for a one-year subscription. Try it for 30 days; if you don’t like it, you can cancel your subscription.

Try it for free for 30 days

Enabling rich task-based collaboration

Tasktop enables the development team to collaborate on shared tasks. For each shared task, Tasktop Dev ensures the latest task information is automatically brought to your desktop/IDE, allowing you to see when others have added new tasks or provided more information on an existing task. Tasktop Dev shows you these changes in your Tasktop task list.


Instant access to documents, web pages and code

With Tasktop, you can indicate when you start working on a task with a single-click. Tasktop then automatically tracks the web pages and desktop documents you work with and builds a model of how relevant each is for that task. Tasktop uses the model to show you just those pages and documents that are needed for a task. Switching to another task is as simple as clicking on that task.  Tasktop Dev will show you just the information needed for that task. Think of the time you will save only working with the information you need! If you are using Tasktop Dev within your IDE, Tasktop Dev will focus the views in your IDE to show you just the code, web pages and documents that are needed for a task.


Keep on top of your bugs without leaving your IDE

Tasktop Dev inherits Mylyn's capabilities for rich bug editing in Eclipse, making the tasks from your issue tracker available in the IDE. With your task and its associated social comment thread in the IDE, you no longer have to spend time switching to a web browser, finding the appropriate task, switching back to the IDE, and so on. All of those clicks and applications switches disappear, saving time and keeping you close to the code. When changes occur to tasks on which you work, notifications appear right in your task list in Eclipse, saving you the need to check other applications and allowing you to respond seamlessly and as a part of your workflow.  This capability is only available in Tasktop Dev for Eclipse and Visual Studio.


Unclutter your email inboxes

Email inboxes can get cluttered with messages for many reasons. Tasktop Dev can help eliminate two kinds of clutter from your inboxes. First, for shared tasks, Tasktop Dev shows you changes in task status in your task list rather than you receiving notifications in your email inbox. For an active team who are tasked with delivering software faster, this means a significant reduction in flow into your inbox of notification messages. Second, Tasktop Dev enables you to mark particular emails as tasks (currently for Outlook, gmail and imap based email clients) and have them automatically appear in your consolidated task list. These task emails can then be scheduled alongside your other tasks. This means no more hunting through your inbox trying to figure out if you have missed anything you’re supposed to be doing!


Focus on what you need to do now

Tasktop Dev inherits Mylyn's powerful abilities to focus the task list on what you are supposed to be working on this week or on a particular day. Instead of having to manage your to do items across multiple bug repositories, email and other systems, you can bring the tasks into Tasktop Dev and use one scheduling mechanism to ensure you are getting your work done when you need to.


Know where you need to be

Our workdays are often filled with activity that involves collaborating with others. Much of this collaboration involves events recorded on one or more calendars. Tasktop Dev makes it easy to stay on top of your calendars through an agenda view that aggregates events for the day across multiple calendars and an always visible reminder of what event is coming up next. Tasktop Dev goes even further with its calendar integration, also enabling you to synch tasks to and from your calendar, enabling you to manage your planned tasks from a calendar view.


Know where you spend your time

Do you have to provide estimates for the tasks you have been assigned? Do you need to complete time sheets for the tasks on which you've worked? Tasktop can help. The time spent on each activated task is tracked automatically to the minute as is the time you spend without a task active. At any time, you can check your Tasktop Dev dashboard for a quick view of how you have spent your time or generate a report for a specific date range. To help account for time not at the computer, when you generate a time tracking report, it is possible to adjust the time for a specific task. With Tasktop's time tracking, filling in time sheets is a breeze. All time tracked is kept private to you. You can choose to use it to refine estimates for tasks you are assigned or to share directly with your team lead.

 Eclipse MylynTasktop Dev ProTasktop Dev Enterprise
Source code tracking**
Task tracking and scheduling
Managed updates 
Time tracking dashboard 
To-the-minute time tracking 
Task-focused web browser 
Full Microsoft Outlook integration 
Schedule tasks using Google Calendar 
Instant desktop file search 
Calendar, time and switcher trims 
Technical support 
Available as Standalone Version for Eclipse 
Support for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE  
Priority private support  
Streamlined distribution options **  
Support for older Eclipse versions **  

*    Only available with Eclipse plugin distribution.
**   Minimum volumes apply.

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