Richer, timelier information for simpler, smarter decision-making

By unlocking software lifecycle data from its application tool silos, Tasktop DataTM offers new insights into your software delivery process. It leverages our unique knowledge of software development and delivery – and all the tools that support each process – to provide a rich data repository for near real-time analytics.

Tasktop Data Now Includes Gateway Capability 

The recently released Gateway capability in Tasktop Data allows organizations to augment the reporting, dashboarding and analytics capabilities made available by Tasktop Data with additional software lifecycle data from: 

  • Continuous Integration (CI) tools 
  • Continuous Delivery (CD) tools
  • Test Automation tools
  • Analysis tools like code review and static code analysis
  • Monitoring tools like APM products

Combining this data via Gateway with the entire range of Agile and ALM, PPM and ITSM tools supported by Tasktop provides a truly holistic end to end view of the entire DevOps and software lifecycle value chain. Explore Gateway >

Gain a new level of insight and visibility

  • Which teams are producing the most severe defects?
  • Why are those defects happening?
  • How quickly are they fixed?
  • Have those fixes gotten faster or slower?
  • Are teams getting project requirements on time?
  • Which teams need more resources to meet their deadlines?
  • What type of features results in the most customer complaints?
  • What parts of the codebase result in the most defects?

These are the kinds of questions you can answer more easily with Tasktop Data. As practitioners do their work, using their tools of choice, data is streamed in real time to a centralized database. From there, you can use your standard business intelligence tools to create reports and visualizations that aggregate data across teams, projects, domains and tools. As a result, you gain insights you simply cannot uncover today.



How does Tasktop Data compare to Tasktop Sync?

 Tasktop SyncTasktop Data
Leverages Tasktop’s unique knowledge of the semantics in the software development and delivery process
Removes the problems that result from manual, or semi-automated, integration techniques.
Reports available in each connected system are enriched with data from other tools. 
Reports created in third-party analysis tools have access to data aggregated across all connected tools. 

Aggregates data across tools into single reporting database

Tasktop Data collates information about artifacts from across your tool stack and stores that information in a single database. You’ll have a single source of data to use for reports, or for loading into an enterprise data warehouse.

Reconciles differences in artifacts across tools and teams

Each product in your tool landscape has its own representation of the artifacts it manages. Tasktop Data uses models to reconcile those differences and create a consistent view of the data.

Provides access to data in near-real time

When new artifacts are created or when changes are made to existing artifacts, Tasktop Data detects those changes and streams data from those systems to its database.

Enables software development metrics to be incorporated Into organizational analytics

Combine data from your software development and delivery process with data from other organizational entities, like finance, for unprecedented visibility into organizational effectiveness.

Intuitive user experience with domain-specific data management abstractions that simplify configuration.

Tasktop Data lets you get started on your reporting initiative quickly. With out-of-the-box artifact models, an enterprise reporting configuration template, and an intuitive user experience, you’ll be populating your database quickly. Our sample SQL queries and reports make getting started on your few reports easy as well.

Easily change, maintain, and scale your analytics program

Establishing and maintaining an analytics program is an iterative undertaking: start small.. then refine and expand over time. Tasktop Data’s user experience makes changing or adding to your analytics program easy.


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