The following Feature List is for Tasktop's IDE-based products: Mylyn, Tasktop Dev Pro & Tasktop Dev Enterprise. If you are not constrained by a need to use an IDE, we also offer Tasktop Sync, a revolutionary enterprise-scale ALM synchronization solution that runs in a background to connect development, QA, and project management in real-time (under 1 second). Sync works seamlessly to ensure that each stakeholder has access to the data that they need within their tool of choice, even if the data resides across requirements management, Agile development and traditional quality management systems. Learn more about Tasktop Sync

Dev Pro
Tasktop Dev
Source code tracking Yes Yes*   Yes*
Task tracking and scheduling Yes Yes Yes
Managed updates Yes Yes
Cross-repository linking Yes Yes
Time tracking dashboard   Yes Yes
To-the-minute time tracking   Yes Yes
Time tracking reports and export   Yes Yes
Task-focused web browser   Yes Yes
Full Microsoft Outlook integration   Yes Yes
Schedule tasks using Google Calendar   Yes Yes
Instant desktop file search   Yes Yes
Calendar, time and switcher trims   Yes Yes
Technical support   Yes Yes
Priority private support     Yes
Streamlined distribution options **     Yes
Support for older Eclipse versions **     Yes
Visual Studio Integration     Yes
Cross-Repository Agile Planning ***     Yes

*    Only available with Eclipse plugin distribution.
**   Minimum volumes apply.
*** Tasktop's cross-repository Agile planning works with Rally and the HP Agile Accelerator
      and also shows dependencies on tasks in other systems supported by Tasktop Dev.

Learn more about connectors, their supported versions and dependencies.