Mik Kersten

Dr. Kersten is the CEO of Tasktop, creator of the Eclipse Mylyn open source project, and inventor of the task-focused interface. His goal is to create the collaborative infrastructure to connect people in the very siloed world of software delivery. Mik drives Tasktop’s strategic direction, key partnerships, and culture of customer-focused innovation. His ideas on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and focus on individual knowledge worker needs make him a popular keynote speaker; he has been recognized with awards such as the JavaOne Rock Star and the IBM developerWorks Java top 10 writers of the decade.

Neelan Choksi

Neelan is president and COO of Tasktop, where he manages sales, marketing, and business development, and guides the company’s mission to connect the world of software delivery. He has extensive technology management experience, and speaks frequently at a variety of events about the business of open source software and entrepreneurship. He has given keynote presentations at conferences including the O'Reilly Tools of Change and Tools of Change Frankfurt; BookNet Canada Technology Forum; New Zealand's The Future of the Book; and The Spring Experience.

Gail Murphy

Dr. Murphy is a leading researcher on software evolution and tools. She brings to Tasktop extensive experience as a software developer and principal investigator of a large research group. In recognition of her research, Gail has been a decorated keynote speaker at several software engineering conferences. At the University of British Columbia, she is a professor in the Department of Computer Science, where she works on human-oriented software development tools to make software developers more efficient and effective, and associate dean (Research & Graduate Studies) in the Faculty of Science. 

David Green

David is vice president of architecture at Tasktop. He is an Eclipse committer, and creator of Mylyn WikiText, a framework and tools for integrating wiki formatting into the Eclipse platform. David is well known for his widely read blog, Green's Opinion, apps for iPhone and Android, and speaking engagements at major developer conferences.


Nicole Bryan

Nicole is vice president of product management at Tasktop. She has extensive  experience in software and product development, focused primarily on bringing data visualization and human considerations to the forefront of Application Lifecycle Management. Nicole is passionate about improving how software is created and delivered – making the experience enjoyable, fun and yes, even delightful. She often delivers presentations at various industry conferences and shares her expertise with the startup community.

Benjamin Muskalla

Benny is a principal software engineer at Tasktop, where he works in the development of Mylyn, and in platform development. Benny is deeply involved in the work of the Eclipse community and a regular speaker at various developer conferences. Over the past four years, he has shared his expertise at nearly 20 conferences in the United States and Europe.

Steffen Pingel

Steffen is a principal software developer at Tasktop, where he works on tools that increase the productivity of software developers. He earned his software engineering degree at the University of Stuttgart in 2006 and has since become a committer in the Mylyn project. He is a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council and PMC Mylyn, and leads several subprojects. Steffen is fascinated by the quality and extensibility of the Eclipse platform, which inspired him to regularly improve the Mylyn framework. Steffen inspires others as a speaker at numerous developer conferences around the world.

Jeff Downs

Jeff has more than ten years of hands-on testing and test tool experience at LexisNexis, where he led the test tool transformation for their Test Center of Excellence. As a tool administrator, Jeff drove the effort to improve test efficiency and capability through tool best practices, integration, and administration. After seeing how disparate tool suites can hinder an organization, Jeff joined Tasktop in their mission to connect the world of software delivery. He frequently shares his experiences through speaking engagements at various developer and industry conferences.

Additional speakers:

  • Leo Dos Santos
  • Robert Elves
  • Trevor Bruner
  • Wesley Coelho

Betty Zakheim

Betty has 30 years of experience in software development and delivery as a software engineer, engineering manager, product manager, consultant and even as a marketing executive. Almost her entire career has been spent developing and delivering tools that enable IT teams to be more effective. Working with so many companies, using all manner of leading-edge techniques, has given her a unique perspective of what works and what doesn’t work. As VP of Industry Strategy at Tasktop, she and her colleagues work with IT organizations that are engaged Agile, Lean and/or DevOps transformations, using Software Lifecycle Integration to help them overcome the issues caused by siloed development practices.