Webinar Recording: Information flow & collaboration in The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Watch this webinar to learn how to design and implement Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI) patterns which are the fundamental basis for an enterprise-wide scalable integration strategy, and a necessary underpinning for SAFe. 

A SLI strategy looks at the underlying structure of SAFe, identifies the currencies for communication at the different pass-off points – and ensures smooth passing that allows (and in fact encourages) morphing.

The good news is that SLI Patterns can help. These patterns:

  • Identify the people (roles) at a particular juncture in the social event that need to communicate.
  • Identify the artifact(s) that will act as the currency for communication for that situation.
  • Acknowledge and provide guidance on how currencies might morph and how to maintain the relationships between the currencies.
  • For each juncture, an SLI pattern recognizes that the tooling on either side of the juncture will often be different.
  • Identify the style of communication.



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