Webinar Recording: Drinking Our Own Champagne: A view Into How Tasktop Manages its Own Integrations using Tasktop Sync

This webinar will cover "Partner Inclusion," expanding our integration ecosystem to share ALM artifacts with our partners as we develop new and maintain existing connectors with their tools.

This phase of our journey has proved to be extremely enlightening. Why? Communication is hard enough within a single company. We quickly learned that it is that much harder across companies when you take into consideration confidentiality requirements, process surprises and cross-company cultural differences. But integration is worth the pain, with the resulting connected process not only making delivering software easier, but also building stronger partner relationships.

Email and spreadsheets were historically the tools of choice for cross-organization collaboration. By replacing those tools with Tasktop Sync, we have enabled teams to collaborate more effectively, report statuses quicker and make project decisions in real time. Software delivery is increasingly a cross-organization delivery process with both outsourced development and testing coupled with external service / application integration. Our journey illustrates that it is possible to automate the integration of these ALM processes enabling artifacts to flow across organizational boundaries.

In this webinar, Nicole Bryan, Tasktop's Director of Product Management, will discuss Tasktop's internal journey and demo Bugzilla RTC and Mingle Bugzilla to illustrate this progression. By synchronizing data not just across tools, but across organizational boundaries we are able to deliver better software faster and build stronger partner relationships.



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