Webinar Recording: Get IBM RTC and HP ALM To Blend Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Some might consider IBM RTC and HP ALM to be an odd combination of flavors. But in reality, organizations require both solutions on an ongoing basis for optimal software delivery. In some cases, specialized practitioners are most effective using the tools and workflows they've honed for years. In other cases, acquisitions or the need for control over the software supplier ecosystem make using both HP ALM and IBM RTC necessary.

Software development requires tight collaboration across practitioner roles. However, having information in only HP or IBM means that teams lack visibility, comprehensive reporting, and traceability across their incompatible systems. Tasktop Sync solves these problems by providing instant bi-directional synchronization with the sophisticated enterprise capabilities needed to stick HP QC together with RTC. Furthermore, we see integration patterns emerging that provide simple solutions to common integration scenarios.



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