Webinar Recording: Tear Down the Walls Between Requirements, Development and Testing

In this webinar, Robert Elves, co-founder of Tasktop Technologies, describes how Business Analysts using Rational Requirements Composer can successfully create and revise Requirements while automatically keeping the Testing team up-to-date on the latest changes through the use of Tasktop Sync.

Long have the business analysts and project managers who create software requirements been marrooned on an island, removed from the developers and testers tasked with ensuring that these requirements actually come to fruition.

The reality for most organizations today is that requirements are still disseminated to developer teams in batches of spreadsheets, as are their updates, in a manner that is often lagging and removed from the tools that developers work with. Yet without the complete and up-to-date requirements, QA can't write valid tests, and Dev can't implement to spec.

Enter Tasktop Sync which bi-directionally connects requirements to development and test artifacts. Through these Tasktop Sync integrations between IBM RRC, CA Product Vision, and HP Quality Center, Tasktop now enables requirements information to flow in real time between the business analysts who create them, the developers who implement them and the QA professionals who test against them.



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