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Integrate Your SDLC Tools and Accelerate Your Business
Integrate Your SDLC Tools and Accelerate Your Business
IT DevOps: Tasktop Gateway and Vagrant
This video shows how Gateway can integrate with Vagrant and Windows PowerShell to track the provisioning of virtual machines in JIRA allowing for compliance documentation and security notifications to be easily manage.
Trace User Stories in JIRA to Code Reviews in Gerrit
This video shows how Tasktop Gateway can integrate with Gerrit and Atlassian JIRA to provide traceability from the story to the commit and code review so that we know what was changed as a part of that work.
Automatic Creation of JIRA Issues from SonarQube Code Scan
In this short video I will demonstrate how Tasktop Gateway can be used to bring Continuous Quality Assurance into your integration landscape by integrating SonarQube with Atlassian JIRA.