What is Mylyn?

Eclipse Mylyn is the framework that drives Tasktop's task-focused interface. Tasktop Technologies created and leads the open source Mylyn project.

Tasktop Dev is the supported full-featured product built on Mylyn. Tasktop Dev includes advanced productivity features and integration for commercial tools. Tasktop Dev is available for Eclipse, Visual Studio, and as a standalone Tasktop Desktop application. Download now.

Mylyn Resources

Mylyn Quick Reference Guide (opens in new window, registration required)
Overview, tips, keyboard shortcuts, and more [3 page PDF]
Mylyn 2.0 Tutorial Articles
by Mik Kersten, comprehensive two-part article on task and context management
Tasktop Documentation Portal
Searchable online help system that includes a feature reference and tutorials.
Mylyn Tutorial
EclipseCon Tutorial slides (pdf)

Get more out of Mylyn with Tasktop

Upgrade your Mylyn to Tasktop Dev for:

  • Customizable time tracking reports and graphs
  • Task-focused web browsing in Eclipse or Firefox
  • Email and Calendar integration
  • 70+ ALM integrations
  • First rate support and much more

Tasktop Support Policy

For users interested in commercial support, we provide a full-featured and supported product built on Mylyn called Tasktop Dev Pro, verified to work with all Tasktop Certified™ connectors and Eclipse versions. Tasktop Technologies responds promptly to all Mylyn, Eclipse and Tasktop support and feature requests via Tasktop's integrated bug reporting mechanism. We also guarantee that critical bugs identified by customers in either Mylyn or Tasktop are addressed within five business days.