ThoughtWorks Mingle

Easily connect Mingle to other tools in the software lifecycle

Integrate ThoughtWorks Mingle with: TFS, HP ALM, RTC, Rally, JIRA and many more





To foster greater collaboration, you need to reduce the disconnect between Agile planning and the other members of your extended software development and delivery team. Tasktop meets this need by connecting Mingle to other tools in the software development and delivery lifecycle, allowing all team members to collaborate on shared artifacts. You can integrate Mingle with other Agile planning tools, requirements management tools, defect and test management tools, PPM, even the help desk ... right out of the box.

There’s no custom coding, it’s a straightforward process using our visual configuration tool. Once Tasktop is in place, you’ll want to integrate more and more of your tools. It’s easy to do – start small, expand over time.

For example, synchronize:

  • Defects in HP QC with defects in Mingle
  • Requirements in Rational Requirements Composer (RRC) with stories in Mingle
  • Incidents in ServiceNow with defects in Mingle


Key Features and Benefits

  • Synchronizes artifacts across the lifecycle, allowing information to flow freely between Mingle and other tools
  • Improve team collaboration by connecting Mingle to third party tools and allow artifacts to be synchronized across the lifecycle.
  • Support cross-tool traceability and reporting, removing the need for manual processes and spreadsheets.


Artifacts Supported

  • Card



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