Serena Business Manager Integration

Increase productivity with unified reporting and governance from within SBM

Integrate Serena Business Manager with: HP QC, JIRA, RTC, TFS and many more


Serena Business Manager



To enable real-time cross-team collaboration, you need to connect Serena Business Manager (SBM) to other ALM systems. Tasktop makes it happen by taking information once trapped in software delivery silos and synchronizing it into SBM. This provides unified reporting and governance from within SBM, and extensive visibility and traceability across the lifecycle. These integrations allow for a dramatic increase in productivity through cross-team collaboration across diverse ALM tools, and unified reporting, traceability and centralized governance from within SBM.

Organizations can also extend the reach of SBM into artifacts within other tools. Tasktop enables system administrators to define how SBM artifacts are mapped to third party attributes, by describing workflow transitions and attribute transformations.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Synchronizes artifacts across the lifecycle, allowing information to flow freely between SBM and other tools
  • Improve team collaboration by connecting SBM to third party tools and allow artifacts to be synchronized across the lifecycle.
  • Support cross-tool traceability and reporting, removing the need for manual processes and spreadsheets and gaining centralized planning and control from within SBM
  • Enables a consistent SBM-defined process to be surfaced in third party tools


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