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Jama Software Integration



Jama’s product-delivery solutions help organizations build complex software and embedded systems using Agile methods. For these organizations, it's important that that the requirements created by systems engineers, business analysts or product managers in Jama can easily flow to the Agile planning tools that the software developers use to manage their work. Similarly, in order for the testers to be in alignment with the rest of the team during the sprints, it's important for the same requirements to flow seamlessly into their test management tools.


For Example: Let’s say your systems engineers use Jama for requirements management, while your software developers manage their work in Atlassian JIRA.

  • Tasktop automatically mirrors the epics and user stories created in Jama, allowing the development team to manage their backlog and tasks in JIRA.
  • When a developer updates the story in JIRA, those updates are automatically synched back to Jama.
  • If a defect is discovered and entered in JIRA, that defect is mirrored in Jama. With Tasktop’s Artifact Relationship Management capabilities, the relationship between the story and the defect in JIRA is also mirrored in Jama.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Synchronizes requirements (and other artifact types) specified in Jama to Agile planning, test management and other tools, allowing information to flow freely among these tools
  • Improves team collaboration by allowing systems engineers to specify requirements in Jama, and software engineers to receive and work on the requirements in their tool of choice
  • Provides traceability of requirements across Systems Engineering and Software Engineering, removing the need for manual processes and spreadsheets
  • Synchronizes requirements, use cases, features, defects, change requests and other artifact types from other tools to Jama
  • Instantly relays changes in Jama to the software team


Artifacts Supported

  • Text Item
  • Test Case
  • Feature
  • Requirement
  • Use Case
  • Defect
  • Change Request
  • User Story
  • Epic
  • Usage Scenario
  • Standard
  • User Defined Custom Types
  • Folder



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